I was alwayes pretty boy in primary shool execkly pretty not handsome young girls loves pretty boys handsome stright adult man isn't for them such an attraction. It was 90' The Top Music Popstar was Backstreet Boys and i was like a double of Nick . Somethimes as i remember it was such a loud because 

girls even cried on crouded street to me like'we love you' 'don't cut your hair' they try to rouse me on they funy way today i thing that i was somethimes blind 

on there games.they ware riding the bus too met me or like war waiting at my mother shop for my end of work even when i get her in touch when it becames to met with her they alwayes run for me almost all women are on hard dugs an with this wife the bigging was quite similar to this song but......


21 maja 2019